Society is trying now to end homelessness in the U.K. but it still has along way to go as the structure behind it is still not

​efficient enough to work properly.​.It is still easy to walk past people who are homeless

sleeping on the street and I am aware there is a tiny element 

that seem to be unable to help as they have got used to being in that position . It requires a long road of getting some back into work again once they are based in a property.

Homeless and Hungry

​Often things are an attitude of mind. Is it not right we should again have a half way house for this to take place . An industrial work place that covers many types of work to help them adjust. Can not the cost be relative to the reduction in other costs related to the situation.

Sometimes we look at things the wrong way , with all the things we have in our lives and many are not happy. Sometimes we should look at the fact many do not have what we have.

Efficiency when looked at our life styles often does not look at the fact we live on this earth with many who cannot achieve the levels we are at through many factors. We need to stop and think about others.

We are all part of a greater jigsaw and each part is important and if that part disappears and cannot be found or replaced the jigsaw is incomplete. 

​Assisting others in Rugby

It is time  that we all looked at where we live and how we can make things better . It is not just about money it is about living better and being more sociable and making the area we live a lot better.

assisting others
Homelessness support

​HOPE 4 in Rugby

​supporting the homeless 

and hungry more important than ever today.