Investing for a social impact has been going on for many years in the form of 

'charity' .It has  turned into an industry of its own and employs many people with many unpaid volunteers.

Many are now looking at keeping donations in the area where they live be it through a non profit organization or a charity to produce a social impact in the area they live and work

to benefit smaller charities that support youth and the elderly.​

​On the World scene the importance of investing in infrastructure processes and education ,creating jobs and services is recognised by many to building a more secured world wherever it is.


It has been reported that the founders of UKFast a cloud computing firm has set up a charitable trust of £5million to improve education for the children of Manchester who suffer from a disadvantage.

Lawrence and Gail Jones are to be saluted as this is impact investing in its

​basic form and we all know that really education is the key to making most things better in Society