Balance is what it is all about.

We have many that are saying things which probably distort the 

​the balance we need between making a profit and doing what is right with regards ESG in all its parts.

The speculation about what both sides want with regards to the equation of a balanced improvement in making the companies successful for all is distorting what both sides desire.

It is now time for all to work together and allow people to think differently.

Some will never change their attitude to certain objectives but time alone will leave them behind.

We are at a period that the younger generation feel life should be better.

Running at the speed we have done over

​the last 20 years is now coming to an end.

We now have to look at who and what is around us and how we all can make things better.

Its acceleration of this attitude to change is growing faster by the day.It is something we must all grasp  and help its core to survive and make the world a better place.