There are many ways we can use our investments to  make many things better around us. Considering others within Society as we progress through life and work is important to a lot of us .It is easy to ignore the problems of Society but if we all change things a little it will end up making a large change.

One of the movements taking place in the U.K. is some local authorities are  forming their own energy and water companies to supply to the local area .

It obviously requires the experienced staff to make sure it is efficient ,provides what is necessary and also  provides the necessary investment. It will be interesting to watch.

Implementing ESG is already now part of many large 

companies and organisations and if they are not looking at it they should be .To some it is part of Government legislation. Nature is part of our World and investing in it is necessary.

Some of the resistance to ESG is the thought of the cost of including it in normal

business processes . Although there is a cost with implementing ESG it can be incorporated into the daily running of the business with the assistance of all staff.

This will obviously require ongoing training and an attitude of mind to make it a success. It has to have benefits not just to the company or organisation but must for 

staff and customers and the area in which the company or organisation operates.

Housing is one where we can make a difference . At present there is a lot of investment through pension funds ,housing associations and funds to the rented sector but not enough. At present (Aug 2019) it forms just 5% of rented accommodation in the U.K . We need more of this investment to squeeze out landlords that do not keep the housing they let up to todays standards.

Plant a tree when you can or even 

more than one, where you live , work or in the area where you can.

​Help to reduce Co2

It should in the long term bring benefits to all which should start to appear in the 

medium term.We are at an important time when we are required to look at all aspects of what we do ,consume , produce , waste ,ignore ,spend and destroy. 

As in all processes we can achieve this but we have to take it one piece  at a time.

We do however need to start now .Eventually it will be added to all parts of our life,

and will be a natural part of our lives .It does require education on a continual basis to fully achieve what is required but it can be done.

​Above are pictures of some of our ecosystem we cannot afford to be without investing in nature and the benefits to ESG and to us all.