Is it bad management on stock control 

and how much is part of accepted 

waste within sales.

It is fast getting to the stage where large companies cannot afford to send excess to landfill. Although some still think that is ok to do that , it is getting to the point 

from a public perception it is wrong and will only be seen as such.

Companies now need to look to the future and really consider how  their customers ,their potential customers and the general public  will view them and whether they are willing to spend on their products.

One thing that is concerning is those that imply they are full on with recycling and still send too much to landfill beliving it will not be found out. It is surprising how ​

information leaks out and the trouble is the damage to reputation can actually end

up being long term and can turn into a financial loss where as the correct decision

would enhance a reputation.

This is something many should start to look at in decisions made at board level and beyond.It is an inclusive decision made at all levels.And so it should be.

Often it is just a change in an attitude of mind so it is not an expensive investment.

The investment goes into showing all employees that recycling is necessary and important and if they are aware of this they will notice where companies are wasting in processes and supply structure and will inform their employers as such.

LARGE COMPANIES and do they 

recycle enough or does too much

​still be dumped in landfill.

It is reported that The Financial Reporting Council that companies should do more to report clear information about climate change issues that affect their business. It is important that they begin to report in line with the framework  that has been approved by the Financial Stability Boards own task force on climate related financial information disclosure.

​The Government  has said that it expects companies to use the framework in their financial reporting from 2022

Some companies are looking at completing the circle from manufacturing to leasing/selling to recollection and recycle though this is not suitable to some unless they get closer to their suppliers.

It looks as though legislation will be implemented that makes large companies start to state in their accounts ESG and how they make it work.

We should not need legislation but as we all know without it there are companies that would not consider it.