Courses to include the environment, financial education , social inclusion and sustainability are starting to be added to the skills that people want as they enter the world of work. Finance is important to everyone.This is being driven by demand from the younger generation who look at the changing world and want to involve it in their lives.

In many ways it is education going back to our parents time when they grew their own food to supplement their incomes . When neighbours knew each other and

helped each other before the internet and mobile phones.Both the internet and mobile phones can assist you in education and finance ,just be careful of scams and pumping up share prices.

It does not mean we are going backwards it just means we are learning again .If you do not consider education in finance as ongoing you are missing out.

what is more important. Education for your own means in finance are all important.


​ECO SCHOOLS Educating children in

​environmental issues

One thing we need to reduce is all the jargon that confuses most people.When it comes to investing it needs to be explained in terms that can be understood by most.Educate yourself in finance by listening to those involved in the finance industry for a long time.

Following the right Twitter account will also provide important information about 

industry ,finance and law changes.

Investing in Social Housing is one way we can impact on Society . Education is something that we should continue through our lives .And that does not mean just at the 

lower ages in our Society. 

​Educating ourselves with new ways and new methods will help society to grow and lives to get better. Knowledge should never be restricted.That is what holds Society back.

Education should be part of our lives always learning.

Keeping an open mind , listening to others and coming to a conclusion by the right eduaction and financial information

to our own decisions on the direction we will go to

​assist others as we go through life.

Educating ones' self is now easier than ever before . There is a lot of information about than evermore. To  diseminate  false information is important but there is plenty of information that will guide you in the correct direction.

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educating children on the environment
Henry Doubleday Research Association
social impact

Being like lemmings and following each other to the endless world of consumption with no consideration to where things come from or where they end up is not the way.

It does not mean we have to go back in time it just means we have to learn to

​use what we have in a better way .

One of the things we need to educate ourselves is on the use of chemicals in our lives,

can we reduce the use of them . It does not mean eliminate them but lets consider the volume we use of them in our daily lives and how we can reduce them but achieve the same results.