SEA GRASS is reported to absorb vast amounts of Co2 and new pastures in the sea are starting to be replanted.

The Woodland Trust is giving trees to Communities and Social groups​  for planting . Contact 

​ESG is no longer an after thought  in investing it is now mainstream.


NEWS Current and Future

Takeover in the Asset industry​ is growing fast as more Asset managers enter  the market of Impact investing. They are of the position to buy Managers already involved in impact investing than build their own teams which takes time. It is being called the sectors coming of age and a mega trend .The 

​takeover of Blue Orchid Finance being the start.

With the large amounts of money now spent on buying Managers involved in 

Impact Investing ( up to 10 times profitability ) you realise that impact investing is now becoming mainstream. The opportunities for experienced  people within the 

structure of social involvement must be great. For companies that just use the words sustainability ,social impact ,ESG and do not follow through by implementing the actual process will in the long term cause damage to their creditability and their long term reputation will lead to their financial reduction in


​H.M.Government has given £10million to fight the fires in the Amazon

PINK SEAWEED of the coast of Australia fed to cattle reduce the gases cattle give off .They are looking to cultivate it to sell it worldwide.

We are now living in an era where climate change ,environment,ESG ,Co2 ,

​recycling, pollution and many more words are in the vocabulary of the next generation and ignoring them or telling them the words are irrelevant are not going to work. So the sooner they are accepted as part of todays life and are start to be addressed in general issues the better.

​As news of fund raising and where comes in we will inform you of on going developments.