In order to increase recycling we require more collections around the areas we live as we used to have years ago .They seem to have reduced somewhat over time. It cannot be left to local authorities alone but a central co-ordination in the area can benefit recycling in general and lead to a higher level of recycling.

These are recycling bins in Rugby, notice the 

​suitcase on top . No wonder recycling is hard .

​Marketing ideas to Society can in some ways come under the umbrella of 

education but as the word implies it can be more general than educating 

generations to adopt an attitude of 

thinking about life in longer terms and the resulting effects of the speed life is 

​lived in the present.

We also find that a lot of household waste such as beds , settees and other household furniture is 

dumped in the garden or on the sidewalks . Local authorities should now start on a monthly basis to place skips in the localities of housing for such waste to be placed in.

The cost of these skips should come from household rates and from part of the budget that is spent on fly tipping . Monitoring should take place to show the success of the project and the reduction of waste dumped on the streets.

What seems to be the problem with things is there seem to be an assumption is that all people have access to a vehicle to take things to local tips which these days are not big enough for the volume of housing being built., a problem in itself.

Once Society in an area get used to recycling and the good authorities  keeping the areas clean it will become part of the norm. It still rings true:-

                                     RUBBISH ATTRACTS RUBBISH

If this form of continuous  promotion and marketing does not take place then progress

as we require will not be achieved and in the time we require it.

From a marketing point of view large decisive stickers on the bluer recycling bins 

used by some local authorities in the U.K. would help. Also educational workshops

at local markets and shows would help. Marketing should be such that it is weekly

and monthly and is continuous. A dedicated department ,which most local authorities have should take on this process and put it into operation.

​Recycling of waste that is reusable in whatever form requires consistant information of what is right and how to do it and in what form. If you actually study the waste that is placed in the recycling bins in the U.K. you can notice that some people's idea of what is recyclable in situe is wrong.

Some local authorities seem to be good in recycling by dividing products into seperate containers and collected as such.