​been invested over the decades.It may get to the point when their investment disappears into state control because water is such an important necessity that

needs monitoring . It is not an investment that can be ignored. It is a core need 

that if it is not controlled could lead to instability within a country.


Water ,why do we waste a life giving liquid

when we should be looking after it better?


Clothes are another product that I have never seen so much available as there is today. 'Fast Fashion' is another sign of todays attitudes that we need the volumes of clothes ,shoes and peripheries that go wth them. We will see education start to make a difference with those going through school these days.

The quality of these we purchase seem to be getting lower and lower because not many seem to be taught what is quality and what will last.

There will come a point where people will stop buying the volume the industry require to be sold and it will come when they least expect it . It will be a culture shock to the industry.

They are selling to a part of Society whose income will not match the basic needs that are necessary such as housing , food and transport for work.



Investment in the industry should lead to less wastage.Supermarkets have worked on having a visual food industry in which food looks perfect whilst some people struggle to have enough meals through the day. They now need to use their skills in marketing to produce food that is made from that grown which is not used and just ploughed back into the ground.

I know that they use their marketing in selling mis shapen vegetables but they have to do better than that.

People now require them to think more about the whole structure otherwise 

they will be another industry that will suffer from reduced purchasing by their customers as they change how they buy . Nothing is immune from the changes about to come.

Unless we get the incomes of those on the lower rungs higher than inflation plus a bit more instability will grow over time  and destabilise

society. The changes that Society now require better be noticed to the extent that companies need to take notice more . The power of spending that some people have can and will change companies ​perception to survive and prosper or to disappear altogether.

​This affects jobs and incomes so take notice.

The amount of water lost through old pipes in the ground is catastrophic.

We have pure drinkable water seeping back into the ground because investors in these companies want 

dividends today .What about dividends tomorrow when all their income has to go into the infrastructure that has not ​

Food is another necessity which requires close monitoring . We have at the moment in the U.K. the most food I have ever seen and yet people suffer a shortage of meals because (1 ) they do not earn enough money to pay their bills.

(2) housing is too dear , (3) the cost of bringing up children is getting higher each year , and we are paying for the wastage within the industry from growing to shelf.