​People are the key to success

We all go on about many things with regards to what to do to get 

our environment  back on the road 

again to behaving as it should. To

​make things better.

The key to success is persuading the majority of people that what we are saying is true.

This will not be an overnight success but within 2 years great strides will be made and things will only get faster and more easily acknowledged.

More now needs to be done at the part  of the 

equation that includes the public. Recycling must be made easier and more must be done 

to show the benefits of working for a better environment.

We also need to realise not everyone has a computer or uses social media.

Informing people of what needs to be done should be inclusive when it comes to the marketing effect, or precisely  information distribution , as needed.

Persuasion is the right way to go about things and diplomacy ​is what companies understand. we will never convince all but we must try to convince the majority. Many 

​seem to be sceptical but this we must change.

We also need to realise that to persuade people that the environment is important to all that the information has to be real ,that not too much complex data needs to be included as some will lose interest in the main objection which is to show that the environment needs help , our help.​