Looking into the requirements that  society needs and its impact now or may need in the future is really what Impact Investing is all about. Behavioural Insights are really what we need in its refined form to figure out how to invest in societies future.

The two go together and will remain so.

If you look at it in real terms ,without the refined information from society, much can be wasted in both time and effort and eventually investment ,which like most things 

is limited and needs to be used wisely.

That is not to say results should only be measured in financial terms but must also consider its real effect in society such as health ,happiness, economic growth ,

​social cohesion and environmental results.

​Behavioural Insights are now used by many within the  social investment

sphere with regards to the roads ahead that is thought to be the best paths in which society should go.

In many ways it is nothing new and 

​it should have been implemented

much earlier than it was.

It is in many ways just the study of data collected however these days it 

is more directed towards society and 

the benefits that can arise from society going in a particular direction.

​Behavioural Insight studies have been ongoing for many years and there is one about to take place by

local authorities looking at how they can implement procedures that can achieve better results with the limited 

capital they have to work with.