The results of data now produced seems to show the gases the animals produce add to global warming. However should we start to look at what we feed the animals .

​With all the additives given to them is this enhancing their gas output ?

We are well aware of the deforestation in Countries abroad for

raising animals for consumption but 

in many ways this has occurred without any controls with the Governments in power at the time. It has seemed unreasonable in the western world that this has taken place but in many ways the western world has been one of the main consumers.

I have read an article where a type of pink seaweed found in the waters of Australia can reduce gas output by approx. 40% .They are now looking to produce it commercialy to sell around the world probably in dry form.Is their any other plant produce the same amount and can this seaweed be produce in warm waters in south east Asia ?

There are many in the world not going to become vegan or vegetarian because meat is part of their staple diet ,because they like meat in their diet and some it gives them a living . So let's not kid ourselves.

We need to look at how more efficient we can become in producing meat ,not cruelly , how they are fed with more natural products and assist in educating meat producers in developing countries.

We in the so called developed world need to do more to make things better around the world .Often it comes down to the right attitude of mind.

​Let's start today.