We still have this problem in the U.K. that when the word money is mentioned

a lot of people go quiet because they do not like talking about money because 

they  either do not understand the mathematics of investing or they are 

confused by the words used by some advisors.

As in all things in life people should start to teach themselves to understand what they are doing with their money. You still read too many articles about 

people chasing large interest rates in the hunt to make money.

They attract people to invest but are not sustainable . So beware

Always be aware that what is said is not always what is and what will be . Continuous monitoring  to ensure that the impact of the investment is carried out

from start to finish is necessary at all times.

It has been reported that some of the Funds available for investment  that

offer sustainability , ESG and impact are not as proportionately based in these 

structures as they should . With todays monitoring and data available it will not be long till they realise that what is required under these structures that to gain the investment they require and with the scrutiny that is growing everyday they need to work harder to make things right as they are perceived by the investors of the future.

One of the things that investors have to look for in these days of investing and 

ESG is to be aware that just

mentioning the words ESG ,

sustainability , environment,

governance is irrelevant if the

said project ,company or

proposed investment does not implement them in its whole 


ESG does not mean we have to give up the progress we have made it is an attitude of mind that means we have to look at everything we do and do it better while considering others and how we deal with the waste products from our activities. In some way it is behaving as our parents did as they often did not have the money to waste and did reuse many things.

​The acceleration of how people are perceiving the climate changes, environment  and what social benefits  investing in certain companies and funds is so fast now that some companies are not reacting enough and will soon be left behind.

The attitude that some companies seem to have even to basic recycling is 

really difficult to understand. It only needs a little consideration to adjust attitudes towards recycling but some find it difficult .This will have to change otherwise their businesses will not be around within a year or two.