Many of the councils in the Midlands are starting to follow London and charge for entering city limits if the vehicle is under a certain year. Although this is laudable it does target the poorer in society so it is important that public transport steps up to the mark now , today, immediately not 2 years down the line or as an after thought. Councils need help and support to achieve this but they also need to communicate better. It is something that some do not and I put this down to those running them that have not grasped communication is more important than ever.

Air quality information is now becoming mainstream and it will start to affect the commercial world in ways they are just becoming to understand. Air quality 

around the country is becoming to be studied for showing prospective purchasers of property what is going around them with respects to pollution.

​It is expected that this may affect purchase prices to the extent of -20%

Air pollution around postcodes only in London 

at the moment but hopes to cover the U.K. (click on pic )

We must all now start to question our choice and use of certain items.The rush rush attitude that society has been forced into as the way to be has to stop.

everything we buy ,use and its packaging has to be thought through by both us the manufacturer and the retailer .It has to be the way we go all together .

Companies that do not adjust will not be around in the future.We are now going into the phase ' The will of the people ' . This will decide who wins and who loses .

It is now a world wide phenomenom so one should sit up and take notice.

Air Quality around postcodes

One of the key requirements in reducing pollution is better and more efficient public transport. Not grand schemes but an infrastructure that is compatible throughout the U.K. People want simple efficient transport which arrives on time and its cost is relative .Simplicity is and always has been the key.

We need to think more about the pace of life and what is happening about us today , tomorrow and the future.

Air pollution will now become central to all activity throughout the world and so it should be . Pollution should be gradually reduced as we move forward but I somewhat doubt that if all the vehicles were electric we would have other problems such as where can they all be charged up ,especially when you have blocks of flats.

​AIR is part of life's sequence that many of us take for granted. It is all around us ,invisible to the naked eye , but can contain many types of things which may not 

be good for us .

We are more knowledgeable of the effects pollution has on the human race and also the animals and insects which are part of the greater picture.

The more knowledge that we know about pollution in its many forms will help us work out what we need to do to at least try to correct it.

​It will turn out that to correct most of it will require a change of attitude by everyone and the fact that rush-rush everywhere is really not that necessary.