According to one of the latest reports from NASA it is CO2 that is one of our major​ problems. We need to balance excess with what Co2 is required. Investing to solve the inbalance.

problems we have to deal with . If we all can create 1 square mtr.of shrubs or green plants where we live or make sure that an area of that size can be protected in our surrounding environment 1,000,000 people would create an area equal to 247.10 acres to absorb CO2   .Investing in new technology.

The importance in the World is changing and investing in Society in one form or another is growing as it becomes aware that better education , living standards , investment in the future can not only bring returns in many ways.

The core of a stable economy, when it comes to the population, is safety ,somewhere to live and an income which provides a reasonable living. Not a lot to ask but not always easy to achieve. Security is something we all have to consider. And a balanced investment programme going forward. Investing in the future.

We must all do our bit to improve the lives of those not so well off as doing so will reduce crime , improve society and its' development , encourage participation , Sustainable investing is the way.

​reduce mental problems and their causes , create jobs and create a better existance all around.. Investing in society can only help and social investment in all forms must produce a benefit .

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Impact Investing over time will start to address these problems as it has started to do now.

Impact investing is a way for the financial industry to start to invest in our future 

​through ESG ( Environmental  , Social and Governance ) criteria .Sustainable investing is the interpretation of ESG.

We are all aware that things have to change to make things improve  , howeverthings have to have a balanced investing programme.

​this has to be balanced with many other factors .We can improve things with sustainable investing and discussion.

 With the U.K. population in 2019 being 66.98 million then if 1 in 10 did the above thought aboput,recycling,nature ,society and sustainable investing.

in schools, at work , at home , at the corners of the  housing estates then we would have an area of  2471 acres helping us . No mean feat so worth thinking about.Social investment is long term and requires a balanced view.

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When it comes to investing in the environment and society the right attitude of mind is needed to firstly consider the investment and its probable success. Also one needs the strength of mind to see the investment to fruition and achieving the result required. Security of management of any social investment must be one of the priorities considered.

It is important you only use Financial Advisers for all sustainable investing you undertake. However small.

regulated by the F.C.A. for all forms of Investing.

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Impact Investing is now growing really fast but I do wonder if sufficient work is done to inform the public ,the beneficiaries , the country as a whole in which the investment is taking place. I do think that a cost relative to this public relations should be incorporated  into the project and spent over the term of the project.

This would not only assist in the benefits of such investment but also in an overall beneficial view of impact investing.

Social and sustainable Investing ,to improve life for Society.

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