You read in the financial papers today that there is so much money in the world 

that major investors do not know where to invest it. are they not rich enough.

Can they not invest it in infrastructure , society and make the money work.

It does make you think that they do not want to .Why do they not realise money when made to work will grow.

​With the advent of media distribution and the avenues it travels we learn more of the World and its problems. The problems that affect the environment , the animals and the people. 

It brings home how lucky some of us are living in the West but it also brings home how many in the West are suffering in their own way .Food banks are one that was not around when I was younger.

Why are so many programmes around 

​showing the wealth of some.

​BALANCING the World and what it will accomplish.

When you look around there is so much imbalance in the world in many ways it has been for along time and probably will be in the future. It is however, we as being here now, our choice to help those that need it.

We no longer can sit by and allow it to happen in the extent it is today. 

We as a nation the United Kingdom, and I hope it will remain as a United Kingdom, donate so much to help abroad . I think we do not do enough as

we do not reuse and recycle what we should. Too many books ,printed not sold, are sent to be pulped down. Why?

Why are they not sent to assist Libraries run by volunteers?

​Why are they not sent abroad to build libraries where they are needed? It has to stop. It is time we made it stop. Green credentials need to mean green credentials not a half hearted attempt.

There is no excuse anymore for us to ignore what is going on around us.

You read everyday companies going out of business and in many ways people no longer enjoy spending money. Shopping is not enjoyable anymore. It should be. Choice we are offered is often the same.

We are in reality a small World and

​buying goods made by people abroad helps them economys grow.It is the exploitation we have to stop.