Another thing we have to do is break DATA down into more simplistic and easier explainable terms so it can be understood more, than the DATA engineers 

and financial mathematicians who construct the infrastructure .

If we are going to get more investment from retail investors who are probably at that part of Society more in touch in real terms on a daily and monthly basis and

are part of the structure that feeds the DATA chain we rely upon.

​Continuous monitoring then has to take place

As with all investments the equation used has to balance all parts and any possible alterations in circumstances during the term of the investment.

We now have external events in Society which have always been there but

​now have come to the fore-front and have to be considered in more detail.

DATA has always been an important part of any investment but these days  

​because it takes centre stage we have to make sure that the data collected is correct as can be and it has not been embellished for any particular reason.


When infrastructure projects are deemed necessary ,  or possible necessary any displacement of environmental areas , woodland etc the replacement of such should be included in the plans and it is important these replacements 

should be communicated to the Society it will affect on a regular basis must and should be followed through at completion of the project

​When it comes to the cost associated with the project in general

( for example infrastructure ) we have to rely on the experts in their field to come up with a total cost at a particular point in time.

The cost of the project then has to add on expenses to do with the environment, any costs to do with possible social displacements and continuous communications throughout the term of the project plus a % 

​increase in costs through delays, cost rises in supplies and planning alterations.

trees trees and more trees

​The Woodland Trust are giving away trees to communities and groups for planting.Link in tree pic.

It is easy to criticise other for what we have done over the centuries and have realised was wrong.Let us not criticise now but help and advise other Countries to stop them making the same mistake.


​We will start to add data that easily explains the requirements that IMPACT

INVESTING needs so that the ESG funds of the future are understandable for those that want and need greater information.

​​DATA in simplistic terms

Education and a better way of life is the normal expectations of a developing

Country. We in the West need to see how we can help them develop in the way they want to develop. Working together we will all benefit.

Today H.M.Government has given £10million ( Aug 2019 ) towards the fires in the Amazon.

In many ways  this is only the start of what the world needs to do.

The western world, which they consider as the developed world , now stands at the position and the wealth of making things better for the rest of the world.

As regards the countries of South America  help in physical and financial terms

​need to be given to assist them to adjust to the demands of their own people

It is reported that 34 ANCIENT Woodlands will disappear if HS2 still goes ahead.

In a simple world why was not 34 areas designated and planted 4 years ago so that some of that at the ancient woodlands could be rejuvinated in the new areas. 

Communications seem to be lacking where it should be progressing. Again a simple item that seems to be forgotten in a world of mass communications.

We can all have access to all environmental information

in the area we live and the World in general and any 

investment should and needs to consider the available 

​data and local information. Most of this is in the Public arena.

​DATA to work has to be correct but​how much is it precise enough ?

​This is something we must always be aware of  when investing.

                          DATA INCLUSION

and the balance with other parts of the equation.

To the average investor this is something they have to trust to the 

project management but they should have continuous feedback

​on progress to keep stability of investors and to cancel any disinformation

​that may be put out .

The LOCAL Society and how it affects us is where we work , where we live

,where we play. It is so important that it improves for all of us and must be 

considered in all investments taking place that will effect any of these.