Although renting equipment appears to be the direction forward 

I am still a great believer in owning the property you trade from as long term it adds stability and as many will find from the Covid 19  situation we are going through many companies have not got the security of owning their own property .


Circular Economy RENT or BUY

It may be if the business is large enough 

for it to take an investment in most of the circle to enable it to have some form of 

legitimate control to monitor  the whole process.

Also they have to consider how cash flow is altered going from buying to renting and investing in machinery or services.

The move into the Circular Economy is now only going to grow really fast. It does however 

require a change in how business has been run over the last few decades . It now requires every

company that is going to join the circular economy to consider how they are going to run the whole 

cycle from manufacturing to delivery to collection to recycle.

It requires companies to work 

more closely than they have had to before.