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In the first quarter of 2019 it is reported that $26 billion was

invested through Impact investing decisions in the World .

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The Government of the U.K. have decided they want to make it as simple as possible  for the 'ordinary savers of the U.K. to invest their savings into social issues they have a great interest in such as housing for the homeless ,funds for renewable energy and other social causes with financial returns which so far have only been accessible  by the large or institutional investors.

​The impact Investing Institute  is the initiative that will enable this to take place.

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Investing for Society and its Future is now gaining traction improving the environment is essential .

​The world is changing and we much change and adapt with it. Improving the environment is right .

​We must assist it to survive so we can survive along with it .

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We have now entered the world of esports via Sponsorship .It is the world of a growing population between the ages of 16 and 34 playing and viewing.

However there is a growing population of the older generation that are now playing gaming .

The world of esports is attracting vast amounts of investment and sponsorship.

It is however the lower age group in esports that is influencing  investment to do with climate change and ESG.

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It is reported that approx. $500billion is in impact investing to this date July 2019

And $26billion was invested in the first quarter of this year.

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The Impact Investing Institute was formed in June 

this year to promote impact investing in the U.K.

​Its web address is www.impact-investinginstitute.org

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Climate change is one of our main concerns .